When it comes to JOB interviews,many starts shaking,gets terrified and only wish they make it through a bolt of luck.But i ask you,why not make your own luck,Don't leave it to chance...Here is a list of 25 ways to make the odds in your favour,with this tips you will go in that interview a confident man.


25- Ask what job you are interviewing for

This sounds obvious, but it can happen, especially when you’re running between interviews. A better way to structure this question would be to ask what a typical work day looks like.

24- Say negative things about yourself

Only do this if you can explain how you will
change them

23- Ask about the drug test

Unless you are doing it to find out about its effect on your credit (it shouldn’t have any effect)

22- Chewing gum

If you really need to do this out of nervousness, make sure to ask/tell your interviewer why you are doing it before you actually do it. That way you at least won’t look as disrespectful. It’s better just to avoid this though.

21- Bring your kids

Or your parents. Just don't.

20- Fist bump the interviewer

Use a regular, firm, right-handed handshake.

Note: I know you’re probably not crazy enough to do this but our point is to keep your greetings simple and formal.

19-  lateness

But don’t be too early either. Aim for about 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

18- Give the impression that you aren't sticking around

It’s okay to say that you want to go back to school eventually, it shows ambition. Just don’t make the interviewer feel like you’re leaving within the next few months.

17- Talk over the interviewer

This is another one that sounds obvious, but some people may do this out of nervousness. Fight the urge.

16- Focus on yourself

You might be asking, but how? What I mean is, don’t just ask questions pertaining to time off, salary, benefits, etc. And don’t make it sound like the only reason you want to work there is for the money. Rather, focus on how you fit into the company and how you can help the company solve the problems they are hiring you to solve.
15- Underdress

If you are unsure about what to wear, suit up. Overdressing never hurt anybody.

14- Be rude to non-interviewers

Just because they’re not doing your interview doesn’t mean that they won’t be consulted. Your interview starts at the reception desk.

13- Ask how you did

It doesn’t matter how confident you appeared during the interview. This one question will destroy all of it.

12- Talk poorly about previous employers

This is a huge red flag. If you badmouth one
company, what’s to stop you from saying negative things about another company?

11- Use words that you don't know the meaning of

This is a quick way to make yourself look both pretentious and uneducated

10- Lie

Most people are terrible liars. And besides, if it’s not obvious right away, if your lie is ever found out it could potentially terminate your
employment down the line.

9- Be somebody you're not

If you’re a joker, be a joker. If you’re a nerd, be a nerd. Don’t put on a show unless you’re
auditioning for a theatre or something like that.

8- Neglect hygiene

Brush your teeth, comb your hair, iron your
clothes, look sharp.

7- Bring your phone

Leave it in the car. Just do it.

6- Stay seated when being introduced

Stand up. Always

5- Ask about things that were stated in the job posting

It just makes it look like you didn’t actually read it. And on that note, make sure you actually read the job posting.

4- Wear too much perfume or cologne

A little is okay, too much is not okay.

3- Give a sob story

Everybody has a sob story, and sob stories are usually obvious. Don’t rely on it during an interview

2- Look desperate

This doesn’t mean to act smug or stuck up though. It just means that you shouldn’t make it look like your life is hanging on getting the job

1- Look like your time is being wasted

Even if you’re applying to McDonalds, this will not earn you points with the recruiter

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