Many Nigerian students has difficulties in choice of institution,.Majorly due to a rush into decision making they choose wrongly or get emotional about it,like choosing a university because their boyfriend/girlfriend,brother/sister is in that University.Choice of institution should be done wisely and timely to avoid all possible pit falls associated with studying the right course in the wrong institution.
After reading this article you will no longer get biased or confused on how to make right decisions towards choosing the best University to study in.
I have written out series of steps to guide all Nigerian students especially young school levers who wish to enroll into higher or advanced learning in Nigeria universities.

1.Course Handling : This is one of the most important factor to ensure you choose the best institution suitable for you.Her you take consideration by accessing how well the institution is reputed in handling the course you want to is very important that you do all necessary research about the institution of your choice.For instance,Universities of technology are very good at properly handling engineering courses just as Polytechnics are reputable for practicals aspects of certain studies like computer science and computer engineering.

2. Learning Environment : Many students ignore or neglect this factor as they subconsciously skip to note its importance towards academic excellence.Even if you are studying in the best school in the world,once their learning environment is very poor you will have a very hard time with your studies.Imagine these conditions :

  •  Taking lectures under the sun,now how can you be comfortable enough to focus on lectures and also deal with the sun intensity and constant sweat etc.
  • Sitting on the floor or standing through out lecture time.Discomfort is one thing i know that reduces your learning potentials.Once you maintain a bad posture either sitting or standing for a while,you experience ache in certain parts of your body,and due to you expense so much energy in keeping those positions,you suffer from fatigue,head ache etc which eventually forces you to leave lecture halls for some refreshment or rest.
  • Sitting at the rear in a lecture hall of 1000 this kind of situations once you are late for class,you are as good as not in class that day because you will not get a thing said by the lecturer that day,the worse of it all is use a microphone for Nigerian lecturers is in most cases not attainable.
I can go on and on on this.Now you can see how important learning environment can be.


3.Cost Of Tuition : Tuition fees in Nigeria are unbearably high and expensive.But their is a better way to go around this and be on the safer side with tuition fee.
As far as i know privately owned Universities are just out of the hook with very very high cost on tuition fee.Though they are believed to offer the best education with conducive learning environment,but once you know you and your family members put together cant afford or survive such expenses,its will be unwise to choose such institutions and avoid 'stories that touch' having to drop out of school due to lack of funds.
But the best to go for once low fees is concerned is a federal University.Federal Universities are considerably low in fees due to access to funds from NDDC,TET,PTDF etc.When state schools are paying 100k for tuition fees,Federal Universities pay 40k. Be sure to go for the once you can afford that can impact knowledge.


4. Security :  In every community where government schools and colleges are sited,their is this high tendencies of miscreants,hoodlums or thugs of those communities taking advantage of the innocence and vulnerabilities of students in the schools,then intimidates,rapes,steals or even kill.
So if you value your life and properties then you should take account of how safe the school is and the security measures employed by the school should be taking to account.

5. Cultism : This is an extension to the NO. 4. So many have lost their lives to cultism and their are countless precious properties lost due to cultism.I think its safer to go into a school with the lowest rate of cultism.If you live in fear,how then can you go to night classes or study,how can you confidently go about your daily activities.Trust me someone who is been traumatized via rape,theft and regular beaten will definitely have issues with concentrating and excelling in their school work.So for your own good,do proper research,ask questions before deciding which University to study in.

With these few steps,i believe you can now make better choices on choosing a University to spend the next 5 years of your live in.



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