Dreams they say is a mental picture of anticipated occurrences created by our minds,by patching together figments of visions,goals,experiences,nightmares,attitudes,wishes and a generalized notion of our life cycle.

To some(especially,the westerners),dreams are delusional or a fictional episodes of our life imposed on us as we sleep.And based on that theory they believe dreams is not worth taken seriously.But an African man thinks otherwise,To them dreams are spiritual insights to the future,a hint
of whats to come.And based on that phenomenon,Another meaning to dreams arose.

Dreams is a mental imprint or image,an individual embed within their mind,long enough that it takes dominance of their soul and being,which serve as a guide or provides an all new pathway to livelihood.

Remember the saying,"as far as your eye can see,that you can become" .it imply's that once you can get hold of that dream,then the dream gets hold of you.

I remember quite vividly,when i was a child i dreamt of becoming a medical doctor,loves the white robes and stereoscope hanging on their neck,you know having to save lives and taking credits for it,hence making so much money from my profession and leaving in absolute luxury.but sadly over time,after life has taken its toll,hitting me real hard with self realization through struggles,hardship,disappointments,betrayals etc,the dream slowly faded away.

Not so many of us in life have the luxury of becoming that person we admired to be when we where yet children.So many as kids dreamt to be LAWYERS,ENGINEERS,DOCTORS,BANKERS,PILOTS etc but very few people achieve these dreams in their lifetime.

This article is tailored to guiding your on a few ways to remain in lines with your dreams,be it childhood dreams or dreams you hoped to achieve as an adult.

Below i will outline a few milestones to step on that will keep you in alignment with your dreams.

1. FRIENDSHIP: This has to be No 1 on my list because it plays a vital role to whom you become,your personality is shaped in line with the kind of people you always have around you as friends.So many youths don't take this very seriously.some even think they can cheat or maneover their way through.Once i heard a classmate of mine say he is different from his friends,he like hanging out with bad friends but their life style will never influence him in anyway.He entered the University and ended up becoming a cultist.This guy is very smart and intelligent,in fact back then i learnt a couple of things from him but what happened.

He had kept it secret from me for a very long time,i was shocked to know about it from a third party but never asked him about it.waited a long while for him to come clean until one incident happened which almost took his life,lucky enough he did not end up in jail.After the heat of the incident had died out,he now confessed to me that he had joined the cult due to pressure from a couple of friends and admitted that nothing good was in it after all,saying he would never advice anyone to join such.Well i advised him like i always do though i know he is already deep into it and coming out wont be as easy as it was when he entered the fraternity.

 Mingling with people who have same or similar vision or goals in life keeps you rooted towards achieving your dreams.once you stick with the wrong pack, over time you will end up loosing a footing towards your dream and subsequently falling off track.its inevitable,its a universal constant,no matter how careful you are about it.Choose your friends and don't let your friends choose you.seek out those that share same dreams and aspirations with you.

2.Stay Focused : literally Theirs more to focus than just to look at a figure for a period of time,it has to do with observation,awareness and undivided attention on that particular object.Set Goals that Motivate You,One goal at a time,don't bulk your mind with so many dreams at the same time or else you wont have enough time to achieve any.Putting your dreams in writing too has a powerful impact in keeping you focused.Focusing has to do with obsession for that particular dream,THINK IT,SING IT,TALK IT,LOVE IT,DO IT.

3.Think then act : never rush to decision making,this deals with when you are choosing a career,institution,mentor-ship etc.With your dreams firmly held mentally always try to do a little more research when choosing a career or high institution to pursue your dreams.

I remember a friend of mine who has passion for computers  and programmings,he graduated from Federal University Of Technology Owerri (FUTO),And studied Computer science(CSC).He told me personally that he made the wrong choice in choosing what to study at the university,according to him,he choose computer science hoping the widen his knowledge in programming and computer codes  (html,java,php,css etc) but little did he know that in the course of study he choose,he did more of mathematics and calculation than the actual computing language.Told me,if he had done his home work well,he would have figured he should have done Information and technology (IMT),saying a friend of his who also graduated from same school in IMT was better at programming than he is due to they where thought more on the subject than their computer science counterpart.Well i remember some
 time ago in the said school,CSC is not a dependent course of study in the school,it used to be Computer Science and Mathematics,just very recently CSC and Math where seperated into two different departments.Now you can see the result of not doing proper research before choosing a career.
Ask Questions,Mostly to people who have walked the same path you are about embarking into,you will definitely learn one or two from their experiences and mistakes.Make an action plan and stick with it.

4. Leave your place of convenience : Hard work always pays off.Do the little extra stuff that distinguish you from your contemporaries.You don't only have to study when its all convenient ,That little stress,hard work or discomfort will definitely pay off.More time spent with your books,burning those candles while others lay asleep,extra effort put into your workplace,waking up way earlier just to meet up with early morning classes etc.No one did all these thing and became a failure,Even God himself will see you through after you put in little effort towards achieving your dreams.


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