Covenant University has suspended 200 students for missing an Easter programme. The suspension has led to tension in the university as students are missing exams because they missed church.

The reports says that the students were placed on compulsory suspension for not being part of the religious retreat during the Easter celebrations.
One student of the school, currently in his 4th year, has this to say: “We were going for the services in the morning and night and people were getting tired of it because we were also preparing for exams.
So, the Vice- Chancellor got angry and ordered that those who missed the services be sanctioned. “Some were suspended for four weeks and those who had missed eight services for the four days got a year.”
Another student in his 3rd year said that some of them have been prevented from sitting for exams and they had no means of protesting the sanctions, which he said was ‘unfair. “The mood in school is really tensed.
Though students are not protesting but they are angry because you are preparing for an exam you’re not sure you will sit for, until the paper starts.
“They stopped me from sitting for a paper last week because I did not go for a service and I don’t know if I will be allowed in today either,” he added. The school management is yet to release a statement on the matter.


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